Ch. Rolin Ridge's Ruby

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 Ruby was born in our "L" litter.  All the puppies names in that litter began with our kennel name and the letter "L".  I had several names picked out for her but none seemed to fit her. Then, as the litter was beginning to meet new people, she would meet and greet, but it was clear she wanted to be mine.  I'd already picked her sister, Lolita, but in time she convinced me to keep her too.

As the weeks went by and the pups were leaving for their new homes, Ruby began exhibiting a "Malamute" greeting behavior.  Well, that's the best way to describe it cause it sure didn't sound Belgian.  She would throw her little head back and out came, "Wooooo, Woooooo, Wooooo!".  I always wanted a dog named Ruby so I felt she fit it well.  From then on she was called "Ruby" with the accent on Ruuuuuuby and she loved it and would always answer back.

 Ruby finished her Ch. easily at a little over a year.  She was only bred once, our "N" litter,  and produced the foundation bitches for Indigo Hill and Allure belgians.  Her daughter, Scarlett, was RWB and Select at our National Specialty judged by the famous "Annie Rodgers Clark".  Lura finished her Ch. young and went on to have many titled children and grand-children.