Independent Spec. BIS, NAT'L SPEC. BISS, CH. Rolin Ridge's Cameo CD, HIC, CGC, HOF, ROM

BSD-1574E24F   BSD-329 Seizure Free

3XNAT'L SPEC. BISS CH. Rolin Ridge's Fourteen Karat CD, HIC, HOF, ROM X CH. Chez Les Bel's Crystal of Char-Ma,CD, ROM


Cameo stood out from the very beginning.  She was an in-bred Father to daughter ofspring.  It seemed that rain was her talisman because it rained whenever she competed and won.  She was an ultimate show dog with one exception.  She hated being in tight crowds.  When still in 6-9 mo. puppy class she won BOB.  The group that day was moved from outside to inside because of terrible storms. While waiting to go into the ring, the building was rushed by throngs of people due to the sudden severity of the storm.  People in capes and raincoats surrounded us.  Umbrellas were being shaken and snapped shut, she was stepped on, someone dropped glowing cigarette ash on her back which sent me in a panic and by the time we got into the ring, we were both relieved.  In spite of everything, she placed in the group that day.  Coming back out though was another experience and it was so crowded, I had to carry her out!  After that, she never liked being crowded. 


Cameo was not a sweet, wimpy little girl.  She was a tough bitch!  She was an undisputed pack leader, very dominant, and posessive.  She was "IT" and she knew it.  Some of that is what made her a good showdog. I always bred her to sweet males to balance her strong pesonality. In the whelping box, she was a true Champion; the best producing dog of my kennel.

A collage made after she was retired.