DUAL CH. Rolin Ridge's Pathfinder, TD, HXAs, HSBs, HXCs NA, STDs, STDc 


 BSD-773049EXCELLENT  BSD-EL773049   BSD-CERF773049  Seizure Free

 Ch. Chantryile Celebre Alaric Select x BIS, Nat'l Spec.BISS Ch. Rolin Ridge's Cameo CD, HIC, HOF, ROM



Owned,trained and handled by Chuck Goddard.  Scout was Chuck's first herding dog and he became his first Dual Champion.    Scout was a handful with a very outgoing and high-energy temperament.  He had a BIG personality with a non-stop wagging tail. 


He was like that even the last time I saw him when he won the largest veteran male class I'd ever seen at a National Specialty and then he garnered a Select at the age of twelve!



Thank you Chuck for giving us a truly memorable dog.  He was one in a million.