Westminster BOB, Specialty BOB and Multi-Group Placing

GCH. Rolin Ridge's Jericho Jackson RM, RAE, UD, CGCA, OA, OAJ, BH,  TKA

BSD-EYE312/41M-VPI, Epileptic, hips and elbows normal



s.r. s. CH.GR AD IPO 3 Ackley Clever Canin x UACH CH. Rolin Ridges Glamour Girl CGC, HIC, MX, MXJ, XF, RA, NAC, HIT, CD, ROM

Owner:  Dave and Betty Macleod


Jack finished his Championship in two weekends earning along the way two Specialty BOW, a Regional BOB over Specials, two additional BOB's over Specials, a Group 3 and a total of four majors.

Jack has a great work ethic and has always placed earning his performance titles.  Jack will be seen in performance venuesto come.