ADCH-B MACH6 Rolin Ridge's Genuine Gold UD RE PT MXG2 PAD MJC2 PJD MXP MFB TQX T2B3 CAA RATCHX11MAD, SACH, GCH, RCH, JCH-B, SCH-B, TM, BSCA WDX-C, AG-HOF, 2012 Versatility Award Winner, BSCA 2016 HIT's & HC, BSCA Agility HOF

BSD-EL1485F25-VPI   BSD-3775G25F-VPI   BSD-2062 BSD-TH234/63F-VPI  BSD-EYE97/63F-VPI   BSD-1863 CERF Seizure Free

 3X Nat'l BISS Ch. Rolin Ridge's Fourteen Karat  X

BISS Ch. Harmony In Black Z Kovarny HIC, TT, MX, MXJ, OF





KT was awarded the "coveted" VERSATILITY award at the 2012 Belgian Sheepdog Club of America. Owner Stacy Garvin says:  "She absolutely LOVES to work, be it herding sheep, heeling in Rally and regular obedience or (our fave) running agility.  Fast, happy and full of attitude is the ONLY way to go!  She works with such joy and energy with that Belgian grin never leaving her face."  The pair also took home the Celebration of Life sculpture and the 2012 National Specialty Performance Award!

We are so proud of you Stacy and KT



"KT" is loved, trained and handled by Stacy Garvin